A Latina College Student Voted For Clinton Because Immigrants Can't Speak For Theirself
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A Latina College Student Voted For Clinton Because Immigrants Can’t Speak For Theirself


A latina college student voted because immigrants can’t speak for themselves. What prompted this surprising move? Several undocumented students at her college said the same thing. Despite their dissatisfaction with the Democratic primary, a latina decided to cast a ballot for Clinton. And she is glad she did. The article follows. But before we get into the specifics of why a latina student voted for Clinton, we need to understand some of their motivations.

latina voted because immigrants cant speak for themselves

A Latina college student in Texas says she voted in the 2016 presidential election because she believes immigrant communities can’t speak for themselves. A recent article in the New York Times details Flores’ story. The article also notes that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi nudged Flores’ daughter in the photo. The story was followed by an article by the New York Times titled “The Rise of the Far-Right Latina.” Recently, Jill Biden visited San Antonio and told a group of Latino Americans that the Hispanic community is as unique as breakfast tacos in the city.

latina voted for clinton

If you’re a Latina college student and you’re wondering if Trump will win the Hispanic vote in November, you’re not alone. Many immigrants in the United States cannot vote. And while some may not even know that they can vote, they can feel empowered to do so. Many of these young people are becoming independent and bi-cultural, and they’re increasingly plugged into social media and political conversation online. Yet they’re still three times less likely than the average American voter to cast a ballot.

In 2012, Latinos played an important role, swinging Colorado and New Mexico for Obama, while giving Hillary Clinton a majority of her vote in Nevada. But that didn’t make Latinos vote for Trump in 2012. It was white women and educated black voters who made the difference, and the Latino vote will bring up the tail. And there’s a good chance that Trump will lose the Hispanic vote, too.

The Latina college student voted for Clinton because she believes she can’t vote in a predominantly White nation. But she’s a true American and wants to make the United States a more representative place for her community. And while her views on immigration are important, she says that she doesn’t want immigrants to be locked out of voting. The US needs to reach out to these communities, and not only by promoting immigration reform, but by making it easier for Latinos to vote.

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